Once upon a time we weren’t the organized, news bringing website that you guys have come to know and love. We were the unorganized rudeboys of new podcasting trying to have a war with another website.

We jumped into this not knowing what kind of response we would get. Not having any kind of mark yet on the gaming / podcasting world we jumped in head first with some shitty recording equipment and got to work. Enjoy this first ever episode as we talk a little shit on the all famous gaming forums known as modacity. The story goes, we were avid members of this forums website up until they decided to go on a banning spree and ban me for not using the proper punctuation and grammar on their website. this caused Satch to go into full war mode creating over 10 accounts in a day and getting them all banned. I noticed that they had a small podcast of their own and decided for kicks that we would too create our own. Thus creating the true birth of nuclearcoffee!

Not sure why it got cut short. I don’t remember it always being like that, however its been so long since this was recorded that we may have just messed up and cut short. Anyways we are glad to have it in a safe place now.

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