Pokemon Accidentally Reveals Some of Its 25th Anniversary Plans

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The Pokemon Company seems to have some big plans for its 25th anniversary, including a special promotional card set at McDonalds. Next year is the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, and an accidental leak revealed that the Pokemon Company has big plans to celebrate. PokeBeach reports that a player found a 25th anniversary Chimchar card in a Darkness Ablaze pack. The card itself is a holo reprint of the Chimchar card from Ultra Prism but has a 25th anniversary logo on its left side and a symbol indicating it as a McDonalds promotion. The promotional card is 12 of 25, which seems to indicate that the set will feature all eight generations of Starter Pokemon, plus Pikachu.

The Pokemon card leak is the first sign that Pokemon is planning to celebrate its 25th anniversary. In 2016, the Pokemon Company celebrated the franchise’s 20th birthday with a new generation of Pokemon game, the launch of Pokemon Go, and even a Super Bowl commercial. It also founded Pokemon Day, an annual celebration of the release of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan. Pokemon Day has come with some pretty big surprises over the year, but it looks like next year’s festivities will be even bigger than usual.

The Pokemon Company does have some big upcoming plans, including the long-awaited release of a new Pokemon Snap game, a MOBA-style game called Pokemon Unite, and the release of a second batch of DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield. With Pokemon Sword and Shield seemingly “complete” after the second batch of DLC content, it likely means that a new Pokemon game will at least be announced next year. Whether that’s some sort of remake or a brand new Pokemon game remains to be seen.

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