Pokemon Company Unveils Most Popular Pokemon Choice Of 2020

The Pokemon franchise has been around for decades now and it’s still thriving today. Whether you enjoyed the franchise as a kid and grew up with it as an adult or stumbled upon it later in life, the series is captivating people all over the world. With the video game titles and anime series, The Pokemon Company is constantly working to bring something new and interesting out for their fan base. Of course, with that said, everyone has their favorite Pokemon and today we know the most popular Pokemon of 2020.

We’re still fresh into 2020 but those that are enjoying the likes of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield along with the anime series may already have their favorite Pokemon this year. With Pokemon Day held just yesterday where we not only got plenty of social media posts about the franchise but an introduction to a brand new Pokemon known as Zarude, the Pokemon Company held a poll.

The poll was to determine which Pokemon is the most popular at the moment. After hundreds of thousands of votes, we finally have a winner. The people have spoken and the most popular Pokemon character today goes to Greninja, which is the last evolution from Froakie. Froakie was introduced in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y which apparently is making a big impact still to this day. Luckily, we didn’t just get the final top Pokemon result, instead, we know the top five Pokemon that was voted on which you can check out below.

2020 Most Popular Pokemon

  • #5 Umbreon
  • #4 Charizard 
  • #3 Mimikyu
  • #2 Lucario
  • #1 Greninja

Do you agree with the list from the official Pokemon poll? If not we want to hear your opinions about the best Pokemon available in the game. Likewise, do you think the upcoming Zarude Pokemon could make a significant impact on this list? 

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