Pokemon Fans Are Still Upset About the Trading Cards’ Biggest Mistake

Though the coronavirus has made playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game that much more difficult in these uncertain times, that isn’t stopping pocket monster fans from becoming upset over one of the biggest mistakes that the game has ever made in relation to the structure of the “Poke-Ball”. With Ash Ketchum and the other trainers that are trekking the globe in order to capture the strongest Pokemon that they can find, there is perhaps no more useful tool than the Pokeball and this trading card makes a huge error when it comes to how the ball opens.

Currently, in the anime series of Pokemon: Journeys, the Pokeballs are getting used quite a bit, as Ash and his new pal Gou are attempting to capture the strongest of the strong in their attempt to bring down the current champion of the Galar Region, Leon. Throughout the decades of history across the anime series and the video games that have been released in the world of Pokemon, we’ve gotten more types of Pokeballs than we can count, with each of them having a different use for different pocket monsters. Though we are still wondering just what the Pokeball looks like on the inside for the creatures themselves, we do know that this card gets the traditional method for opening a ball wrong!

Twitter User JustMightyJake shared the fact that they regularly find themselves annoyed at the fact that the trading card for a Pokeball opens in a way that is far different from the way that we’ve seen used in the video games and in the anime series itself:

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has easily been one of the most popular tournament games that have sprung from an anime franchise, with the likes of Yu-Gi-Oh! attempting to defeat the competition, with world wide matches taking place since its inception. The Pokemon Trading Card Game first debuted in 1996, showing just how popular the game has become considering it is still referenced decades later.

What do you think takes place on the inside of a Pokeball for the pocket monsters held inside? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Pokemon!

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