Pokemon Fire Red Fan Remake Explodes Online

There’s no questioning that Nintendo and Game Freak’s Pokemon series is popular. The video game titles released are notorious for selling a massive amount of copies for the mobile gaming platform market being the platform of choice most often than not. While the video game franchise is no stranger to receiving fan video game titles, normally through ROM hacks, one fan created Pokemon video game is quickly going viral online.

The video game in question is known as Pokemon Origin and it’s a 3D remake of Pokemon Fire Red, one of the more popular title releases to hit the market. For those unfamiliar with the series, Pokemon Fire Red released on the Gameboy Advanced where it was a remake of Pokemon Red, an original Game Boy title.

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All-in-all, the fan made video game was created by Felipe Gouvea and his world is rather remarkable which you can watch the demo of the video game posted above. In fact, the video game already has a demo available for players interested in the title to download and enjoy.

Unfortunately, the demo seems to not be in English but with its popularity growing by the day we’re sure Felipe Gouvea will have no problem finding volunteers to help the project along. That’s of course if the video game doesn’t get shut down by Nintendo who is known for killing off fan projects regularly.

While Pokemon ROM hacks are easily uploaded and enjoyed online with little issues from Nintendo, a full fan remake may prove to be difficult in passing undetected by Nintendo’s radar. At any rate, the project is still in development and gamers can enjoy a demo of the video game today.


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