Pokemon Go Datamine Reveals Huge Details About Mega Evolution

Pokemon Go Mega Evolution
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

A recent Pokemon Go datamine revealed new details about how Mega Evolution will work in the popular mobile game. Pokemon Go began its rollout of its latest update last night, and dataminers have already found some intriguing details hidden in the code. Dataminers on The Silph Road, a subreddit dedicated to Pokemon Go, found code that revealed exactly how Mega Evolution will work in the game. Pokemon Go confirmed that Mega Evolution was coming, but they were deliberately vague as to how it would function mechanically. The code indicates that Pokemon will need to use Mega Candy to temporarily Mega Evolve, and that players can obtain Mega Candy from Mega Raids.

The dataminers found source codes and imagery for Mega Candy, which apparently is the “fuel” for Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go. Any eligible Pokemon can use Mega Candy to unlock its Mega Form. Mega Evolution is temporary, and it seems to be tied to an in-game timer. Mega Evolution will also come with new music, new animations, and even a special display screen.

There are still a few questions about Mega Evolution. For instance, the dataminers found references to a “Mega Boost” which indicates that a Pokemon will get some sort of generic stat boost in addition to their stat changes when they switch forms. What this Mega Boost is remains unclear, as is a reference to Mega Energy. Since Mega Evolution seems to be time-limited, it’s unclear how Mega Energy plays into the new mechanic.

Other changes found in the datamine includes the possibility of new characters for Willow to interact with, and major new map updates that seems to indicate that players can switch between map providers. There are also some updates to the friends and gifts features, designed to make the experience easier for players.

You can find a full breakdown of the datamine on the Silph Road subreddit.

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