Pokemon Go Provides More Details for Upcoming Community Day Vote

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Pokemon Go has provided additional details for their upcoming Community Day vote, which will determine which Pokemon will be the focus of September and October’s events. Yesterday, Pokemon Go revealed that voting for the next Community Day Pokemon will take place on August 22nd and August 23rd on Twitter. Players will have the opportunity to pick between four different Pokemon in the vote, with September’s Community Day going to the Pokemon with the most votes and October’s Community Day going to the runner up. Pokemon Go also revealed what exclusive Community Day move the Pokemon would get if chosen. Porygon’s evolution Porygon-Z will get the new move Tri Attack, Charizard will get Dragon Breath, Butterfree will get Hurricane, and Muk (both Kanto and Alolan) will get Fire Punch.

Most Pokemon Go fans are betting that Porygon and Charmander will be the winners of the upcoming vote. Porygon is the only one of the four choices to not have a Shiny variant in the game, and it also comes with a brand new move that can lower an opponent’s attack and defense in PvP battles. Charmander is easily the most popular of the four Pokemon, and Dragon Breath gives it extra uses in Ultra League. The upcoming addition of Mega Evolutions will also make Charizard extra enticing to players.

This is the second time this year that Pokemon Go has held an open vote to pick Community Day Pokemon, with decidedly mixed result. The previous vote resulted in Weedle getting a Community Day, mostly because the Pokemon hadn’t had its Shiny variant added to the game yet. Gastly (whose evolution Gengar has relevance in Pokemon Go‘s competitive scene) was the second place finisher in that vote. Keep an eye on Twitter for Pokemon Go‘s poll to go live. The vote will take place on August 22nd and August 23rd.

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