Pokemon Journeys Introduces Professor Kukui’s Adorable Baby


Pokemon Journeys has done a whole lot of good since its debut, but it may have peaked this last weekend. Over in Japan, a brand-new episode of the show aired, and it was a big one to see. Not only did Ash make a trip back to Alola but he also reunited with all his friends from the region. And most importantly, fans were all introduced to the cutest baby in Pokemon.

The introduction came after Ash met up with Professor Kukui at the airport with Goh. The pair had a touching reunion, but Ash had little time to waste. He needed to reunite with his old friends and Pokemon, after all! However, before he could even get into the house, Ash was greeted by Kukui’s wife and newborn baby.

So if you ever wanted Ash to have a little brother, here you go! Kukui was never shy about seeing Ash as a sort of son, and the feeling was mutual. Now, Kukui and Burnet have added to their brood, and Lei was quick to adopt Ash as their older brother as expected.

The adorable moment can be seen above as Burnet holds her son before Ash. She introduces the boy to Lei as his big brother, and the baby is plenty happy with that. Ash and Lei go on to adore one another for a few moments before the trio makes their way inside. And of course, Ash is met with even more love when all of his Pokemon from Alola realize their trainer is back.

As for Lei, the baby’s debut was downright adorable, but it also marks a first for Pokemon. This is the first human child to be born in the show to date. Fans were first let in on their arrival when Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon ended. As Ash headed back to Kanto, fans got a peek at Kukui and Burnet at their home with the latter looking visibly pregnant. Now, the baby is here, and Lei is ready to challenge any character for the title of cutest kid in all of Alola!

Is this kid the cutest character in Pokemon now? Or does Pikachu still hold the title? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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