Pokemon Journeys Synopsis Teases Bea’s Debut

Pokemon Journeys: The Series initially seemed like it was going to have Ash Ketchum skip over the Galar gym challenge, but it seems like even if he does so he’ll still come face to face with many Gym Leaders of the region like Bea if the next episode synopsis is anything to go by. As Ash Ketchum sets his sights directly on the Galar Champion Leon this season, he is competing in the World Coronation Series for the chance to take him on in the final tournament rather than travel through Galar and earn badges the old fashioned way.

Episode 34 of the series is teasing that Ash Ketchum will be facing off against his first Galar Gym Leader this season, the fan-favorite Fighting type Gym Leader from Pokemon Sword, Bea. While Bea had made an appearance in the Pokemon: Twilight Wings short webseries, this will be her first full appearance in the anime officially.

As spotted and translated by @AnipokeFandom on Twitter, Episode 34 of Pokemon Journeys: The Series is titled [“Bea, The Lone Warrior!”] and the synopsis teases that Ash and Goh will be heading to Saffron City for the upcoming battle, “[Ash and Goh] are visiting the Fighting Dojo in [Saffron City] to find a new opponent for the [World Coronation Series]. [Ash] attempts to challenge the Karate Master who runs the dojo, but he turns out to currently be in the middle of a battle against another challenger.”

Pokemon Journeys Bea Anime
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Rather than heading to the Galar region’s Stow-on-Side Stadium to face off against Bea, Ash Ketchum will chance upon her in the Kanto region just like other surprising gym leader battles he has been a part of already, “And when the two go to watch this battle, they end up seeing the Karate Master lost! The challengers in question were the Fighting type Gym Leader from the Galar region, [Bea], and her partner Pokemon [Grapploct], and [Ash] challenges her to a battle!”

Pokemon Journeys: The Series might not be doing things as traditionally as other seasons have in the past, but clearly it does not mean we won’t see many of the locations and fan favorites from the new Galar region even if it’s not the focus of the new series. But what do you think? Do you like this blended take on the Pokemon franchise where Ash can come across any challenge? Would you rather see the Galar region in full, gyms and all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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