Pokemon Sword and Shield Adds Shiny Wailord Raids for This Weekend Only

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Pokemon Sword and Shield is giving fans the chance to capture a Shiny Wailord in Max Raid Battles. Yesterday, Pokemon Sword and Shield launched a new in-game event focused on Water-type Pokemon in Max Raid Battles. The event runs through July 19th and gives players a 2% chance to encounter a Shiny Wailord in 5-Star raids. Other Pokemon featured in the event include Sharpedo (which typically only appears in the Isle of Armor DLC), Pyukumuku, and Gigantamax Kingler. As this is an event, Wailord can appear in any Raid Den in either the Isle of Armor or the Galar region’s Wild Area.

Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon with an alternate coloration that are usually quite rare. In Wailord’s case, the Shiny variant has purple skin instead of its usual dark blue. Shiny Pokemon usually have a 1 in 4096 chance of being found in a wild, so this weekend’s event is an incredible opportunity to add this rare Pokemon to their permanent collection.

This marks the second time that Pokemon Sword and Shield has promoted an in-game Max Raid Battle through the use of a Shiny Pokemon. An event held over the New Year’s Holiday featured an increased chance to find Shiny Magikarp in the wild. It’s interesting to see Pokemon use Shiny Pokemon as a feature of Max Raid Battle events, mainly because these Pokemon are typically only “given out” as part of special distributions, such as the one that earned players a chance to grab a Shiny Zeraora earlier this summer.

We’ll note that Shiny Pokemon have no mechanical difference to their non-Shiny counterparts besides their looks, so don’t be too concerned if you can’t catch one over the weekend. Players will have through 8 PM ET to find a Shiny Wailord and add it to their collection.

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