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Pokemon Sword And Shield Cubone Location & How To Evolve

Now that the Isle of Armor expansion is out and the Pokedex has expanded, players are able to reunite with some more old favorites in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Who wasn’t hoping for the return of everyone’s favorite lonely ground type, Cubone? If you’re hoping to get your hands on one (presumably to shower it with some much-needed TLC), here’s how.

Cubone is found in the Forest of Focus and the Warm-Up Tunnel areas on the Isle of Armor. While it can only be found in the Forest of Focus during sandstorms, it’s an overworld spawn in Warm-Up Tunnel with a decent chance of appearing during any weather, so there’s your best bet for finding a Cubone quickly.

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Cubone will evolve into Marowak at level 28.  There’s also a chance to encounter an already-evolved Marowak at Pottbottom Desert, and if you want to get your hands on Alolan form Marowak, you’ll need to get it from the Diglett Master (or transfer from Home). For him to gift you the Marowak, you’ll have to find 50 of his beloved Digletts.

Two important components of Marowak’s performance in battle are its ability and held items. The Cubone line has access to an item called the Thick Club that doubles their attack stat, helping them to achieve some good numbers. Combined with the same-type attack bonus given on powerful moves like Earthquake thanks to its ground typing, Marowak is an expert in dishing out pain. The Rock Head ability helps take that a step further by allowing Marowak to ignore recoil damage from moves, taking some of the “edge” of the 120 power Double Edge move. With those two parts of Marowak’s toolkit in mind, a good moveset might be Earthquake, Double Edge, Swords Dance, and a move for coverage (Iron Head, Knock Off, Thunder Punch, etc).

If you use an Alolan Marowak, this moveset should change a little to reflect its new typing, but the base stats are the same – a slow pokemon with a high physical attack stat. Alolan Marowak performs well with Flare Blitz and it’s special move Shadow Bone, and can stick with Swords Dance for a damage buff and Earthquake – this time for coverage instead of as a STAB attack.

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