Pokémon Sword & Shield: How To Evolve Fomantis Into Lurantis

One look at Fomantis and you would assume it is a bug Pokémon. However, despite the fact that its sweet smell is loved by the creepy crawlies, it is very much a grass-type. Gamers who powered through the Alola region in Pokémon Sun and Moon will recall Mallow’s grass-type challenge, where you have to help her cook, unintentionally angering the local Pokémon in the process when gathering ingredients. You happen to stir the attention of a giant-sized Lurantis who challenges you to a battle. Fortunately, you can now catch Fomantis in Pokémon Sword and Shield in the Isle of Armor DLC expansion without any fear of a monster grass-type coming after you.

Fomantis can be found all over the place in Isle of Armor but only in one weather condition — harsh sunlight. You’ll spot one either through a random encounter or wandering, but at a 15 to 20 percent appearance rate, you might be doing quite a bit of looking so be prepared to be patient. If you did not purchase Isle of Armor, you can still bring one into your game through Pokémon Home, the cloud service that allows you to transfer Pokémon between games. You can find one in the Lush Jungle to bring over  (the area of Mallow’s challenge) in both Pokémon Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

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To evolve your Fomantis into the gorgeous Lurantis, you simply have to train it to level 34, specifically during the day. This makes sense considering how much Fomantis love sunlight. According to lore, they use their leaves to gather solar power and this is what helps them grow. That’s why it would only make sense for two of their special attacks to be Sunny Day and Solar Beam.

Sunny Day is also the perfect support move for a raid because it will power up fire type moves, so those on your team with a flame-spewing pokemon will be able to knock out a Dynamax Pokémon quicker. As far as using it in a single battle goes, Sunny Day allows the user to launch Solar Beam the next turn instead of having to wait over one like normal. Fomantis learns everything it should on its own, so there’s no need to purchase any TRs or TMs for it. This flower will get Synthesis at level 35 and Leaf Blade at level 40, the first being perfect support, and the second being a strong offensive move with level 90 power. Fomantis is a solid grass-type who’s easy to train and battle with, while still strong at the same time.

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Source: Serebii

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