Politician Proposes A Tax For Violent Videogames

Politician Robert Nardolillo III has proposed a tax for violent video games.

Nardolillo has stated that he intends to impose a tax (at a figure of 10%) on violent games on Facebook – the money raised is intended on being used for mental health and counseling resources in schools. As reported by, American states don’t have the authority to legislate against selling M-rated games to minors, so the tax is proposed as a way to combat both the sales, and provide a new revenue stream for counseling resources.

Robert Nardolillo III says that “there is evidence that children exposed to violent video games at a young age tend to act more aggressively than those who are not”.

Nardolillo’s spokesperson added: “The focus of this legislation is to reduce aggression in children by giving schools additional resources for counseling and mental health programs. By creating a more peaceful environment and ensuring adequate counseling resources are available we may be able to guide young people away from the decisions that lead to these tragedies.”

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