Potential Rainbow Six Siege leaks detail two new Australian operators

The past couple of years have seen countless Rainbow Six Siege leaks for new seasons, some real, some fake. However, over the past couple of days a slew of alleged leaks and rumours have spilled out for the upcoming Year 4 Season 1 operation, all of them suggesting that the Australian SASR are inbound to the tactical shooter.

The first leak shows a very blurry, cropped image of two operators in a Rainbow Six Siege menu screen with a typical Australian outback scene behind them. The character models look reasonably credible albeit blurry and low-res, but worse-looking leaks have proven true for previous Siege seasons.

A Resetera member then posted a purported description of the two new operators: “The next operators are called Mozzie and Gridlock. Australian ops.” According to the post, Gridlock is an attacker who place a red web trap, which damages defenders who run into it and makes a noise.

Mozzie is the defender and her gadget allows her to take control of enemy drones that come into contact with it. To prove their point the Resetera member also posted an image of what they claimed to be Gridlock’s red web trap – like with the first image it’s very blurry, but it looks quite realistic.

Finally, another Redditor posted a larger version of the menu screen leak, which shows a bit more of the two apparent Australian ops.

Y4S1 Leak from Rainbow6

While this does offer a better look at the ops, it also includes a few curious artifacts that suggest this may all be an elaborate fake. For starters, if you take a look at the bottom of the image you can see a sudden colour change in the gravel by Mozzie’s boot. Then if you look at Mozzie’s left leg things unravel a little faster: that’s not a natural pose at all. The toolbox also looks a little suspicious with its perfect angles and flat textures. Finally, there’s some weird shading changes around the front wheel of the motorbike that make it look like it’s floating.

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Rainbow Six Siege fans have been asking for Australian operators for a while now, and while they may still be on the horizon, this latest batch of supposed Year 4 Season 1 leaks probably isn’t them.

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