Prison Architect Escape Mode Announced For Consoles Early 2018

Introversion Software and publisher Double Eleven have announced that the console version of the prison building simulator, Prison Architect will be receiving the Escape Mode following the earlier All Day and a Night and Psych Ward expansions.

The escape mode shifts the game’s mechanics, putting players in the role of an inmate in an attempt to escape the prisons built by themselves and others. The DLC will expand on those mechanics for the Prison Architect console community, as well as adding new content. Can you figure out the flaws in your friend’s prisons?

The award-winning game’s upcoming Escape Mode content will be available to purchase in 2018

Don’t know what Prison Architect is about? Check out the game’s excerpt below:

‘Prison Architect lets players build and manage their own maximum-security prison built to hold the most hardened of criminals. The console editions include a fully-fledged story mode that explores the gruesome and often convoluted matters of legal grey areas in the prison system, and a wildly in-depth sandbox mode featuring new in-game community features. These new features from developer and publisher Double Eleven allow players to build, maintain and share their maximum security prisons with the touch of a button on either console.’

Prison Architect is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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