PSN Will Allow Players To Change Their Username Soon

If you are like me and still have your embarrassing PSN username from when you were a teenager – we have some good news for you. Sony Interactive Entertainment America CEO Shawn Laydan revealed that gamers who are a little bit tired of their username will be able to change it early 2018.

Announcing the news during last night’s PlayStation Experience event, Laydan didn’t give any other specifics besides stating that Sony is making a host of changes to its online service. Personally, I hope that the company doesn’t charge players extra to change their ID – especially since we already pay a monthly fee for the service. That being said, I’m sure Sony will enact some sort of restrictions so that players don’t continuously change their username.

In other Sony news, the entertainment giant has sold a total of 67.5 million PS4 units.

Sony has just revealed their financial report for the end of the quarter which ended on September 30th. Amongst the statistics, the highlight of the entertainment company’s report was that 67.5 million units have been sold worldwide, including the 4.2 million units sent to retailers during the quarter’

Psyched to finally see the functionality to change user IDs? Let us know in the comments below.


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