Psyonix Detail Rocket League Spring 2019 Competitive Season Roadmap

Psyonix is preparing for a busy Spring period with Rocket League’s playerbase, and the studio released a brief roadmap for players to prepare themselves.

Towards the end of February, Rocket League’s competitive season 9 wraps up, and signals the start of the tenth competitive season. As with the start of every season, players welcome new items, new music, and general new content for a fresh start. Not only that, this season is particularly important due to it being the first after the game officially went cross-platform, something Psyonix’s CEO fought for tirelessly. Players can finally enjoy the fruit of their hard-work during the ninth season, depending on where they finished, with exclusive rewards listed below.


  • Bronze I or higher – Season 9 – Bronze Wheels

  • Silver I or higher – Season 9 – Silver Wheels + lower Wheels

  • Gold I or higher – Season 9 – Gold Wheels + lower Wheels

  • Platinum I or higher – Season 9 – Platinum Wheels + lower Wheels

  • Diamond I or higher – Season 9 – Diamond Wheels + lower Wheels

  • Champion I or higher – Season 9 – Champion Wheels + Lower Wheels


  • Competitive Grand Champion – ‘Season 9 – Grand Champion’ In-Game Title + all Season 9 Wheels

  • Rumble Grand Champion – ‘Season 9 – RNG Champ’ In-Game Title + all Season 9 Wheels

  • Dropshot Grand Champion – ‘Season 9 – Floor Destroyer’ In-Game Title + all Season 9 Wheels

  • Hoops Grand Champion – ‘Season 9 – Dunk Master’ In-Game Title + all Season Wheels

  • Snow Day Grand Champion – ‘Season 9 – Blizzard Wizard’ In-Game Title + all Season 9 Wheels

Rocket League is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Earlier in September, the studio released the Rocket Pass, Psyonix’s own iteration of Fortnite’s battle pass. The game is approaching its tenth competitive season, how long have you been playing for?

[Source: Rocket League Blog Post]


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