PUBG For CS:GO? Modder Recreate Battle Royale In Counter-Strike

Tired of the buggy PUBG battle-royale? Maybe you are a little bit more of a fan of the source engine than anything else? Either way, this modder has created something truly magnificent – PUBG on CS:GO

Go 4 The Kill is modder Kinsi’s take on the idea of a battle royale game in CSGO. The map, which is set in a mountain range dotted with towns, is four times the size of Overpass, one of CSGO’s largest official maps. How this mode essentially expands the normal play size is by introducing other maps as you climb over the mountain – (i guess similar to how Half-Life 2 worked?).

That being said, the game isn’t nearly as big as Fortnite or PUBG, these games support up to 100 players per match, where as the mod can only fit 20 people per server. I guess this makes it even more intense as you essentially start in the late-game section of the Battle Royale genre. That being said, it still follows the same formula – you parachute into the game, scavenge for weapons, and stay inside the circle for as long as possible.

It’s truly an impressive mod. If you want to give it a try, you can hop on to its community-run server by signing in with your Steam profile on the mod’s site.

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