PUBG Has Sold 22 Million Copies

There is possibly no doubt that the massively popular third-person shooter, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is 2017’s biggest game, having launched in early access mid-year – this game has been hot topic across the globe warranting countless streams and youtube videos of the battle royale title.

Having hit 10 million sold copies by September, the studio has doubled its sales in the space of little over a month – hitting a ridiculously impressive 22 million sales, just two weeks after it hit 20 million earlier this year. This means that the Studio has been selling 1 million copies a week, and it’s only in early access.

The title is set to release on Xbox One in a couple weeks time which will only drive up those numbers. Perhaps we may see the game hit 30 million sales by end of year? let’s see just how well it will perform on Microsoft’s platform.

PUBG is out now for PC. An Xbox One release is planned for early 2018. So far, there is no news regarding a PS4 release. Thoughts on the battle royale title? Let us know in the comments below.


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