PUBG Sees It’s First Steam Playercount Decline Since Launch

When PUBG launched March last year, it was quickly established that this third-person shooter would sooner overtake the Steam heavyweights of CS:GO and DOTA 2. A couple months later, it did quickly solidify the game as the clear favorite in the Steam community.

With the game hitting its all-time high average in between December and January, we are now seeing the title actually drop in numbers. the shooter has seen about 1.74% of its player base drop off the map within the last 30 days, accounting for about 27,000 players. The number is really nothing if you compare it to how many people are actually online each, but it still shows a slight indication of disinterest.

That being said, considering the recent work the new anti-cheating system has been doing, the player decline could actually just be unethical players getting banned. That and the most recent update has also put an end to Steam’s Game Sharing support, so it could be either or really.

Thoughts? Let us know in the comments down below. PUBG is out now exclusive to Xbox One and PC

(via steamspy)


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