PUBG Sinks 100,00 Cheating Accounts This Past Weekend

Recently Brendan Greene and Bluehole studios announced to fans that they would be implementing new anti-cheat measures for the third-person shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Last week they reiterated their point saying that they have a zero tolerance for cheaters and are continuing to build upon the existing system.

‘As we announced before, we are in the process of adopting new tools to detect and verify users with unusual gameplay patterns and today, we will be rolling out additional measures. We will continue to permanently ban those who are using cheats. When unusual gameplay patterns are detected from an account, that account will be temporarily suspended and investigated,’

Now It seems that the implemented system has been hard at work since with BattleEye, the official name of the anit-cheat measure, banning more than 100,000 accounts over the course of the weekend. This brings the total of banned accounts up to a staggering 700,00 players.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is set to release in Early Access for the Xbox One on December 12th and the game will also be enhanced for the Xbox One X. The PC version is also set to leave Early Access by late December.


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