PUBG To Get A 4K Xbox One X Patch Soon After Lanch

Bluehole Studios 100 man free-for-all PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has finally been confirmed to release on Xbox One December 12, 2017 via Microsoft’s equivalent of early access, the preview program. For those looking to grab the Xbox One X Bluehole has confirmed that there will be a patch releasing soon to make use of the beefed up console’s capabilities

During the Xbox live stream when PUBG’s release date was announced, Major Nelson a prolific influencer and Microsoft exec also noted that the battle-royale title will be receiving both HDR support and a 4K patch post-launch.

PUBG launched earlier this year on PC, and quickly became a viral sensation. Recently, the 100 man free-for-all overtook Valve’s flagship DOTA 2, hitting a stellar all-time high of 2,390,946 concurrent players.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be released on the Xbox One X preview program on December 12 and will cost £ 26.99 / € 29.99, the same as the Steam version.

In other PUBG news, Bluehole Studios may face their title being banned in China.

Bluehole studio’s flagship and worldwide phenomena, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may lose out on the worlds biggest market China. Through a press release from the China Audio and Video and Numeral Publishing Association, the regulatory board is likely going to ban Bluehole Studio’s game in China for its content that is considered violent and immoral according to local regulation.

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