PUBG Training Mode is a new 2x2km map that offers shooting ranges and “sweet ramps”

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has long been in need of a place to try weapons and test your skills outside of a live match, and Training Mode is set to finally give players just such an option. It’s not just a shooting range, as many might’ve expected – instead, it’a brand new 2x2km map with areas to let you practice every element of PUBG gameplay.

Launching next month, Training Mode includes a firing range, melee range, and throwables range, plus indoor and outdoor CQC areas. There’s also a parachute practice area, tracks for vehicles, and tables full of guns, gear, and attachments.

Dave Curd, PUBG’s world team lead, says there are three goals in mind for the new mode. It should introduce new players to the basics of the game, let casual players experiment and have fun in an open environment, and allow advanced players to dig into the nitty-gritty of advanced gunplay as they test out recoil, bullet drop, and the effects of various attachments.

Current plans for the shooting range itself – according to the full announcement – offer 800m, 400m, and special 1k ranges, with standing, moving, and concealed targets to take aim at. If you take your PUBG a little less seriously, you’ll be happy to know the vehicle courses feature plenty of “sweet ramps.”

That’s all good news, but one detail might hold you back – this mode is for five to 20 players. Yep, that means there’s no solo option, at least for this “first iteration” of the mode, as community lead Sammie Kang says on Twitter. No details yet on how queues or matchmaking will work for the mode, either.

The developers suggest this is part of the Fix PUBG campaign, building on the bug fixes and quality of life tweaks with a new feature players have been wanting for ages. Even with the potential caveats of matchmaking in mind, a full new map is above and beyond what was expected – but we’ll see how it all pans out next month.

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