PUBG Xbox One Gets A New Patch; Adds Auto Run, Fixes Bugs

While PUBG on the Xbox One, is far from complete, PUBG Corp. is trying their best to get the game to game performing optimally on Microsoft’s console with consistent update and feedback.

The most recent patch is set to continue to iron out some bugs, and smoothen up the game. First off, a new auto-run feature has been added, when you’re standing still, you can click the left stick twice to turn it on. The camera now shakes less when you ride in a vehicle as a passenger, the inventory screen will let you drop a weapon you have equipped by pressing Y, and the ability to rotate through grenades by pressing right on the d-pad is back.

There is a host of other changes brought in by the patch, so check out the changes down below:


  • Auto-run function has been added (from a standstill, double clicking L3 will activate auto-run)
  • Players can now drop equipped weapons with Y button when inventory screen is active
  • Grenades can once again be cycled by tapping right on D pad
  • Players can now cancel casting actions while the inventory screen is active


  • Continued optimizations and crash fixes


  • Game controller guide has been updated

Bug fixes

  • Buildings around the Military Base have had their collision adjusted
  • Camera shake when riding as a passenger in vehicles has been reduced
  • Inventory character models have returned to their normal stance
  • Fixed a camera issue created by unintended Aim Down Sights and Free Look interactions
  • “A” button will no longer refresh game results screen
  • Team UI will now correctly show the proper direction teammates are facing over larger distances
  • Player changes to markers on the in-game map will now be properly applied to their teammate’s in-game map
  • Fixed an issue where switching to throwables under certain conditions left the player empty-handed
  • Adjusted character positioning when exiting vehicles and parachutes


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