PUBG Xbox One Gets A New Patch Reducing Intermittent In-game Lag

playerunknown's battleground

Blue Hole Studio’s Xbox One release of the worldwide phenomenon, PUBG has just received a new patch, addressing a couple of issues.

The main issue that the small patch aims to fix is intermittent in-game lag, and crashing and authentication issues. You can see the patch notes for the update, down below.

Quick update; we’ve released a server-side patch this evening that addresses one of the lower frequency crashes as well as reduces intermittent in-game lag.

In addition, we’ve made progress on the authentication issue that many players have encountered and we hope to completely resolve that issue soon.

Update Dec 28 8PM PST / 29 Dec 5AM CST / 29 Dec 3PM KST: 
We have deployed a small patch to reduce the character position readjustment issue and further reduce intermittent in-game lag.

The next Xbox One update is slated for a release early January. More info about this patch will be released in the coming days. “We are still very focused on releasing a client side patch that incorporates some of the community feedback that has been raised, as well as priority bug fixes.”, developer Bluehole writes.

PUBG is out now, exclusive to PC and Xbox One.


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