PUBG Xbox One Grabs 1 Million Players In First 48hrs

Last week Bluehole Studio’s smash-hit, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds launched for the very first time on console. Due to a publishing deal with Microsoft, PUBG’s first appearance was on the Xbox One. According to the game’s creator Brendan Greene, the Xbox One launch was a massive success, he took to Twitter to state that the game reached 1 million players on Xbox One after just two days.

“This is humbling, so thank you all!” Greene said of the 1 million player milestone. “It’s the start of the road on console for us,” Greene said. “We’ve lots to improve & update over the coming months & w/ your feedback we’ll make a great game together!”

This is a considerable success considering the game is actually still in early access – that being said, the game hasn’t been without its issues. Fans from across the community have been complaining about the game’s continuous framerate drop, poor resolution and weak draw distance. Xbox boss Phil Spencer is on the case though, he said on Twitter that he recently met with the team at Bluehole. “We are seeing feedback and will continue to update,”

PUBG is out now for PC and Xbox One.


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