PUBG Xbox One Hits The 5 Million Player Mark

Since PUBG received a port for Xbox One, the game has been doing considerably well on the platform – despite the bugs and issues that have plagued the game, PUBG Corp has still managed to move a considerable amount of copies. Today the official Xbox blog sent out an article stating that the game has amassed 5 million players.

This week we’re celebrating yet another milestone for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on Xbox One: we have now passed 5M players! We’re very excited that the community continues to grow – reaching over 5 million players in less than 3 months is a major accomplishment and we’re happy so many of you are enjoying the game.

As a result of the milestone, Xbox is releasing an exclusive free cosmetic item – the PUBG5 jacket. The PUBG5 jacket will be rewarded to all players who own and have activated a character in the game on Xbox One as of March 22, 2018 at 12:01AM PST.

The support for the title has been phenomenal, a new update for the game releases almost every week, consistently fixing issues posted by the community. The most recent update introduced a new map into the mix and optimized matchmaking.

PUBG is out now for PC, and Xbox One.


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