PUBG Xbox One Update 9 Is Currently “In Test”

playerunknown's battleground

There’s no secret that the console launch of Bluehole Studio’s PUBG has been a little bit shitty, what with all the bugs, glitches and performance issues – fans were a bit saddened that they got the experience of an unpolished PlayStation 2 game on a current gen console. That being said, the team behind it has been extremely hard at work to iron out all the problems, and so far the horizon has been looking brighter and brighter.

The latest update for the title is due out very soon with Nico Bahary, the Executive Producer at Microsoft, stating that Patch 9 for the Xbox One  is “formally in test.”

Bahary stated that the team behind the port is hard at work to ensure that the patch lands as quickly as possible for players and to ensure that “no glaring issues made their way into code.” Additionally, when one user asked via the comments regarding an issue where boats make strange noises, the producer replied with”Confirmed fixed.”

Thoughts on the port? Let us know in the comments down below. PUBG is out now exclusively for PC and Xbox One.


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