PUBG Xbox One X Reaches 30FPS With New Patch

There’s no doubt that PUBG is a massive work in progress on the Xbox One, unfortunately, due to hype and Microsoft’s publishing rights, PUBG Corp. had to release the game on Xbox One before it was actually really properly playable. That being said, every day is a step closer to the final product as the devs introduce hotfixes and patch update, the latest being a patch which seems to slightly stabilize the framerate on the Xbox One X.

Digital Foundry released a new video to analyze the improvements of this new update. While the Battle Royale title already manages to reach 30 fps stable in certain segments, the game continues with major drops when there is a lot of action on the screen, such as in the lobby or when jumping from the plane during the start of the games.

On Xbox One the falls are up to 15 fps, while on Xbox One X the game runs at 20 fps when there are multiple items on the screen. Both versions of the game tend to drop at similar moments though.

You can check out the video which showcases the differences below:

[embedded content]

PUBG is out now on PC and early access for Xbox One.


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