Q.U.B.E 2 Releases March 13th For PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Toxic Games has recently given a release date for its first-person puzzler, Q.U.B.E 2.

Coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One you can expect the title to land March 13th, this means that we have little over a month to get our hands on this sequel.

This time around, players are put in control of archaeologist Amelia Cross, who wakes up on an unknown alien planet. As you would expect, her main task is to solve a variety of puzzles with the help of her fellow survivor Emma in order to escape.

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It’s been a while since I’ve had a really great first-person puzzler experience (the last one was I’d say was Portal 2) so I’m quite excited to see how this goes down.

Q.U.B.E. 2 is the sequel to the hit first-person puzzle game Q.U.B.E. You are Amelia Cross, a stranded archaeologist who has mysteriously awoken among the sand swept ruins of an ancient alien landscape. Together with the distant help of another survivor, Commander Emma Sutcliffe, you must traverse and manipulate the structure of this forgotten world to find a way back home.

Q.U.B.E 2 releases for Xbox One, PC and PS4 on March 13th.


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