Rainbow Six Seige Free Weekend Is Happening Right Now

Ubisoft’s strategic first-person shooter, Rainbow Six Seige is having a free weekend. Starting from yesterday players are able to hop into the hostage rescue title up until November 19.

As is typically the case, PS4 players will need to have a PS Plus subscription in order to take part in the free weekend, while Xbox One owners will need to have an Xbox Live Gold membership.

What’s more, if you do happen to enjoy the title, it will be running for a discount on all platforms from November 16-27, during which the shooter will be available for up to 60% off.

The free weekend comes in anticipation for the upcoming expansion Operation White Noise, which adds three new operators as well as a new map called Mok Myeok Tower, a skyscraper that features a bar, office space, vents, a rooftop, and more.

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Form an elite team of the world’s most skilled tactical operatives and bring down an international terrorist organization. Command the infamous “Rainbow” tactical unit and use state of the art weapons to carve your way into the heart of the enemy stronghold.

Take advantage of fully destructible environments, high-precision weaponry and online cooperative multiplayer to dismantle the terrorist threat. The “Operatives” feature lets you work to your strengths, develop your specialist skills and become integral to mission success.

Rainbow Six Siege is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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