Rainbow Six Siege disables Clash, claymores, and deployable shields

A long-running Rainbow Six Siege shield glitch  reared its ugly head once again late last week, and Ubisoft has been busy looking into potential fixes. This time around, however, the problem seems to be so severe that several aspects of the game have been temporarily disabled to prevent further disruption.

In a tweet last night, the game’s official account announced that “we have been working to address the exploits that have emerged since Saturday,” and that fixes are currently being worked on. Sadly, however, an update post states that “these combined issues touch on core systems of the game, and will therefore take longer than we consider acceptable to address.”

Fixes are currently expected to arrive next week, but in the meantime, the developer has been forced to temporarily disable defensive operator Clash. Later today, deployable shields and claymores will both also be disabled, with their ammunition counts set to zero, so you might want to address your loadouts before jumping into a game this evening.

Ubisoft says that these issues have “highlighted the importance of reactivity on our part, and the need to act more quickly on issues of this magnitude. As such, our team will develop a more thorough outline for how we should respond to these situations moving forward, with the ultimate goal of improved reaction speed.”

Updates are expected on Tuesday, May 21, which means Clash mains will be without their favourite character throughout the weekend. The community at large, however, seems satisfied with Ubisoft’s decision, and I can’t imagine that a promise to react to these issues faster has gone amiss either.

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While this particular issue is being looked into, a few other exploits seem to be causing trouble, and Ubisoft is yet to address them. IQ in particular is causing trouble, as she’s currently able to become effectively invisible, and Rook and Mira have been affected by issues similar to Clash. Next week’s update might address these bugs, but for now, it might be worth staying as far away as possible from those particular operators.

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