Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky’s attacker is Maverick

We’re still awaiting the full reveal of Grim Sky’s attacker, but it looks like he’s going to be called Maverick. And by “looks like” I mean the evidence is stacking up overwhelmingly in favour of this being the proper name of the next addition to Rainbow Six Siege. Reddit detectives have dug through the records to find the info.

The tags for the new Clash video include “new operator maverick” embedded within the keywords, only visible if you check in on the page source. Another Redditor has noted that the “maverickreveal” URL on the Rainbow Six website kicks you to a 404 page – unusual, since any other fake URL just drops you back to the Ubisoft front page.

You can check out the Reddit discussions here and here, which were brought to our attention by PC Gamer. We’re getting much more info on Maverick soon, as the Grim Sky reveal is scheduled for the Six Major in Paris this weekend. If tradition holds, that means we’ll hear more about the attacker in a matter of days – perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

We do have a fair bit of detail on Clash, who’ll be the new defender when we hit the Grim Sky release date. We’ve also got the Hereford Base rework to look forward to, and a host of balance changes like the Thatcher nerf coming along the way. We’ll find out more on August 19, but at this rate there won’t be much for the full reveal to, er, reveal.

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