Rainbow Six Siege Hits 100,00 Concurrent Players On Steam

When many modern game’s launch, they blast onto the scene with a bang, but more often than not, steadily decline in player numbers in the subsequent months. With Rainbow Six Siege however, the exact opposite happened. The title launched back in December 2015 but to a poor reception, however in the past year, with constant support from Ubisoft via updates, new content, free weekends and Youtubers playing the title, the game managed to make a significant comeback.

Following the launch of the recent Operation White Noise update, the title hit a massive new peak for concurrent players on Steam as recorded by Steamcharts. The game hit the big 100k mark.

It’s a pretty significant statistic, especially considering Rainbow Six Siege has competitors like PUBG and CS:GO competing for gamer’s attention. That being said, if one factored those who purchased the game via Ubisoft’s own launcher/storefront Uplay, the number of gamers is probably significantly higher.

Considering Ubisoft’s recently announced plan for the game’s life-span next year I’m sure we can expect those numbers to grow higher and higher. Ubisoft has also stated that they plan to support the title all the way up until 2018. So knuckle down and get tactical, Rainbow Six Siege ain’t going anywhere soon.

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