Rainbow Six Siege teaser apparently confirms Mozzie and Gridlock leaks

Ubisoft has provided a lengthier teaser for the new Australian operators in Rainbow Six Siege’s Burnt Horizon season. If the leaks are to be believed – and they’re looking increasingly likely – their names are Mozzie and Gridlock, and at least one of them is getting very impatient for some action.

The scene has the pair sitting in a pair of lawn chairs, looking on the Outback. Gridlock comments that “it’s quiet here.” Then, a few seconds later, “It’s like really, really, really quiet.” A burst of static comes over the radio, then Gridlock leaps to his feet and hops on a dirtbike before the voice even comes through. Mozzie follows, shotgun in hand, as we saw her at the end of the last teaser.

The video ends with a “to be continued.” The radio call references the arrival of a convoy – which is certainly the same nuclear convoy that’s crashed into the Outback map. It may just be an insubstantial bit of additional backstory, but it could suggest we’re going to get some larger story bits around the new characters. We’ll see with the reveal of the Year 4 roadmap this weekend.

The leaks around the new Australian operators suggest that Gridlock is an attacker with a web trap, and Mozzie is a defender with a gadget that captures enemy drones.

Those leaks remain unconfirmed, but the early images line up exactly with the appearances of the two characters here.

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We expect the Burnt Horizon release date around March 5, and if the usual schedule holds, we’ll get to see the new operators directly on the TTS as of next week. With the Six Invitational set for this weekend, we’ll find out much more soon.

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