Rainbow Six Siege’s Jager Glitch Finally Getting Fixed; Patch Coming to PC First, Console Fix Delayed Due “Aspects Outside The Studio’s Control”

Most people who played Rainbow Six Siege during these past few weeks, including myself, have probably come across a user exploiting Jager’s glitch. The glitch allows players to become almost invincible, since they can walk around with their deployable shields attached to them while being able to shoot at the same time. Ubisoft issued a statement through the game’s sub-Reddit.

A fix was found and will get deployed for PC users “next week.” However, unfortunately for console users, they will have to wait till the fix arrives, due to “aspects outside of [the studio’s] control.”

As promised yesterday, we have finished validating the potential fix for the Jäger glitch. The fix works, and we are in the process of preparing a build to be deployed next week.

We do not have an exact date for this deployment yet, but are targeting earlier in the week.

Unfortunately, for our console players, there are aspects outside of our control that prevent us from being able to deploy a patch at this point in the year. As a result, we have included the fix in our next scheduled patch (Mid-Season Reinforcements). We are planning to begin the TTS testing for 4.2 next week.

This is definitely good news for Rainbow Six Siege players. Let us know if you ever encountered Jager’s glitch.


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