The Warpath-class light assault destroyer is the newest addition to the Khanid Domain fleet. Being the middle ground between the Archer frigate and the Leviathan battlecruiser, the ship kept some of the Archer’s mobility, but what it lost in that department, certainly makes up for with its unmatched firepower.
Just like the Archer, the Warpath utilizes moderate shielding for its mass, backed up by heavy armor and a point defense grid of no less than 16 anti-missile turrets, same models that are used on her little sister.
The ship can have a crew of up to 14 , although the quarters are not nearly as spacious as on the Leviathan. The ship is also equipped with a med bay and a hangar, but unlike the Archer and Leviathan, misses a mess hall, thanks to a food replicator system freshly installed – the crew members have to use the small dining areas in the quarters, but at least they have a better variety of food independent of the cook’s often questionable skills.

Utilizing missiles as it heavy-hitting weapons, the Warpath has no less than 4 different missile systems: 2 vertical-launch batteries with 14 missiles each provide long-range fire, while a smaller, 4-barrel vertical launch lock-on missile array allows to attack closer targets with a lower reload time Last but not least, a 32-missile front-firing lock-on array makes sure the Warpath can overload the anti-missile grid of anything but the biggest opponents.
In case the captain doesn’t want to waste missiles, a 10-barrel fast-firing punch-through cannon can do the job, and to make aiming a little easier, a powerful rapidfire graviton scattercannon (cannon/cannon/stop) helps keep the target in place.
To add utility, a 11×9 salvage grid is installed (20 block groups, double checkerboard, 50% Cannon support) to help gather materials either from asteroids, or fallen foes.

Turret-wise, the Warpath only kept 2 of the Archer’s Longbow turrets, and added 8 Marksman long-range railgun turrets to provide more sustained fire.


Punch-through autocannon:
Cannon/cannon(78,6%)/punch-through, 10×2003 damage/shot, 297ms reload, 60K+ DPS
2x Long-range lock-on vertical missile launcher:
Missile/Beam(100%)/Explosive, 12×216000 damage
1x mid-range lock-on vertical missile launcher:
Missile/beam(1%)/Explosive, 4×230418 damage
1x mid-range lock-on front firing missile launcher:
Missile/beam(1%)/Explosive, 32 missiles with varying damage
Rapidfire stop beam:

16x Goalkeeper Mk2 anti-missile turrets
2x Longbow hybrid turrets (missile/beam/explosive, cannon/beam/ion)
8x Marksman rail turrets (cannon/beam/punch-through)

– Jammer (power stable when thrusters are disengaged)
– Jump drive (optimal)
– Emergency jump drive (slow charging)
– Scanner
– 11×9 salvage grid (20 block groups, 50% Cannon support, toggled with inner ship remote)
– “Little Bird” shuttle (civilian version) in hangar

Interior features:
– Bridge
– Core room
– Med bay
– Crew quarters
– Captain’s quarters
– Officers’ quarters
– Guest quarters
– Hangar
– Elevator
– Airlock (logic operated with indicator lights)
– Engineering/storage room with auto-sorting storage system (dedicated storages for ship parts, ores/shards and computers)

Core room
Crew quarters[​IMG]
Engineering and storage[​IMG]
Med bay[​IMG]
More crew quarters


Guest quarters

Hangar with shuttle docked


Captain’s chair on bridge

Captain’s quarters




I hope you’ll enjoy the ship, I put a lot of work in it, and I’m still refining the design, so expect future updates!

As always, please drop a rating and a comment, whether you liked it or not – I can use constructive criticism.





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