Cost: 360,000,000 approx.
blocks: 614933
Length: 460
Height: 49
Power: 140,000,000 (approx. 3,700,000 e/sec)
Shields: 63,249,615
Weapons: 2 Very large and slow AMCs (173370 DPS), 2 swarm missile launchers (Max potential damage: 2,800,000), 2 central salvage cannons,
12x Everest tailored med/heavy turrets w/ machinegun cannons.
Docks: 1 central dock, large enough for Frigates and below. Paris class corvette included.

starmade-screenshot-0013_zps5d311a8eThe ship is entirely combat focussed, so the interior is a little rushed and plain, but is a good canvas for you to make your own interior.

The hull has a fairly streamlined appearance and the low height in comparison to length gives the ship a low profile. The contrasting black/ white colour scheme gives the ship a simple, elegant appearance.

Upgraded editions with additional weapons, docking space and engines may be produced in future.




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