Now, I’m here to upload my first and last very big project: the Dvorah class star destroyer!
I love Star Wars, but it was too difficult for me to build an ISD and I wanted to build an only ship.

Now, let me show you it specifications :

Dimensions: 940x213x587
Mass: 505K (with rails: 522K)
First power generator: 1 billion and regen 21M/s
Second power generator : 4 power drones with 700K power supply.
Armor: 92M
Structure: 334M
Shield: 60M regen 3.1M/s
Thrust : 268K
Turning speed : 1.0 all axes!

Internal weapons:

– 8 Shield-drain of 60K each one.
– 128 HeatSeekers launchers on sides (64 launchers by side) : they inflicting 132K each missile.
– 80 AMC/AMC/PUNCH-THROUGH groups inflicting 570700 DPS.

External weapons (turrets): 104 turrets.

– 32 Anti-missile turrets
– 4 super heavy turrets (LockOn+Explosive 405K each missile x2 and LockOn+Ion 432K each missile x1)
– 3 heavy turrets (LockON+Punch 118K each missile x2)
– 20 medium turrets (LockON+Explosive 108K each missile x1)
– 26 light turrets (LockON+Explosive 10K each missile x2)
– 18 beam turrets (Beam+Beam+Punch 1 x 3K)
– 1 annihilator (LockOn+Explosive 2.5M each missile x4)


– 2 Jumpdrives
– 1 Scanner
– 1 Jumpdrive Inhibitor (-510K shield/s)
– 1 auto storage system
-1 AI Bobby

Access :

To enter into the Dvorah class star destroyer, you must go under the bridge if all ships hangars are closed.


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