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Nidhoggr Battleship A1R10

Hi! For a long time now i tried to do a capital sized ship again, this is the battleship Nidhoggr: It features heavy weaponry and turre...



The Omega Federation titan that is based off the Ragnarov Titan from sins of a solar empire rebellion. Old ship but had to update the download...


SFW. Vale RC1

  Sioux Fleetworks is happy to present, for your consideration, the SFW. Vale. This over-clocked covert operations vessel will...


Manticore – heavy destroyer A6R5

Hi! This is the Manticore Destroyer in Version A6R5 now, quite an old ship that got updated for a few times now. I still like the design and t...


Dvorah class star destroyer v1a

Now, I’m here to upload my first and last very big project: the Dvorah class star destroyer! I love Star Wars, but it was too difficult for me...


Hyke-002 SS Fyber Mk III Stealth Scout

What else to say? It is a perma-cloaker that I consider "looked good" enough to be uploaded here, so enjoy!  


JTSC Everest Battleship

Everest: Cost: 360,000,000 approx. blocks: 614933 Length: 460 Width:85 Height: 49 Power: 140,000,000 (approx. 3,700,000 e/sec) Shields: 63...


GCBS-Archangel (WIP) 1.8

This is my Glaive Class Battleship, but redone to look better and move a little faster. It is complete exterior wise, but the systems inside are...


UNSC Amber Fate

Latest Star-made ship build based off the UNSC fleet from the Halo universe. To scale and modified to function as a viable ship in the world of S...


EFSF Viceroy RC5

The EFSF Viceroy is the premiere dignitary transport. It comes equipped with 6 light machine cannons, and a twin missile launcher. However, as a ...

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