Reinhardt’s new look in Overwatch 2 is based on the cancelled Project Titan

The much-rumoured Overwatch 2 has finally been revealed at Blizzcon 2019, and the announcement brings with it a lot of details about the upcoming sequel to Blizzard’s popular character-based shooter. For starters, all the characters will come with revamped designs – and at least one of them may look a little familiar to more obsessive Blizzard fans interested in the studio’s cancelled Project Titan.

Alongside characters revealed in the CGI reveal trailer such as Winston, Tracer, and Mei, another hero who also had his new look shown off was the grizzly veteran knight Reinhardt. In a Blizzcon panel today talking about the art of Overwatch 2, assistant art director Arnold Tsang talked about a number of the redesigns – and the reason for the conspicuous “09” on Reinhardt’s armour.

According to Tsang, the number is based on this being the ninth iteration of Reinhardt’s design. The previous version in Overwatch had “08” stamped in the same place, but iterations 1-7? Apparently they were all created for Project Titan – the online game Blizzard cancelled, which was used as the basis for Overwatch.