Report Claims Cyberpunk 2077 Was Intended For 2019 But Ultimately It’s Been Pushed To 2020

CD Projekt Red is easily one of the most video game development studio being talked about right now. The company recently came off their highly successful trilogy of The Witcher and now the developers are working on a new IP. Known as Cyberpunk 2077, this video game title is already highly hyped and anticipated but we’re still without a release date. Despite not having a release date, we’re still getting a healthy dose of news coming out of the studio regarding what upcoming title and what gamers can expect.

For instance, we have learned that the studio would love to support a mod community scene for the video game title. We know that CD Projekt Red is developing the title for current generation consoles but there has never been any official statement in regards to when the game will launch. Rumors have suggested a release in 2019 but Kotaku reporter, Jason Schreier, has spoken to three separate sources who all say that 2019 was the ideal launch but it was unrealistic for developers to actually meet the launch window. Instead, the game would be pushed to 2020, but we may still see CD Projekt Red toss a 2019 launch window plug for when the game is talked about during E3.

The release window of 2019 does seem a bit early for this video game title especially since the studio has recently spoken about their views on the dreaded “crunch” term developers are all too familiar with. This is a term used to when the development team requires longer hours for weeks at a time in order to get a video game title out in time for its release date.

With all that said, we do know that Cyberpunk 2077 will be present during E3 2019. In fact, it looks like that media outlets are being invited to a behind closed doors presentation that will take an hour long to complete. Perhaps this will be a similar situation like last year’s E3 expo in which CD Projekt Red offered to press a closed off presentation that was later released online for the general public.

Source: Twitter, PlayStation LifeStyle


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