Review Roundup: Sonic The Hedgehog is Funny, Playful, and Exactly What a Sonic Movie Should Be

Sonic the Hedgehog is an icon in the video game industry, and when they announced that the character would be receiving a full feature length film, a lot of people were skeptical.

Then the design of the iconic hedgehog came out, and our deepest concerns were present. However, with a ton of hard work, the team decided to delay the movie, reworked the art design for Sonic, and to many of our surprise, it looked a lot better. But does the movie hold up regardless of Sonic’s design?

Well, from early reviews, it seems that the movie is pretty good. On Rotten Tomatoes its sitting at 66% percent approval. That’s not bad at all for video game movies. Reviews states that the film is funny, playful, and is exactly what a Sonic movie should be. These positive reviews are great to hear, and with he movie opening up this weekend, a lot of moviegoers should have a fun time.

Down below are some of the most respectable media sites in the industry, check out the highlights for their reviews on the latest video game movie adaption title —Sonic The Hedgehog:

Brandon ZacharyCBR

The movie’s inability to maintain a consistent tone trips up what could have been a fun experience, blunting the elements that actually work.


It’s playful, it’s fun, and it feels like what a Sonic the Hedgehog movie should be.

Molly FreemanScreenRant

Sonic the Hedgehog offers a kid-friendly adventure movie based on the classic Sega property that tells a solidly enjoyable, if uninventive story.

Scott MendelsonForbes

Sonic the Hedgehog’ is more concerned with being a good kid flick that parents will enjoy than it is with being an epic, a blockbuster or a painfully faithful adaptation of its video game source material.

David SimsThe Atlantic

It’s not the cavalcade of horror promised by that first trailer, but rather the kind of bad movie one forgets instantly upon leaving the theater.

Sonic: The Hedgehog is set to release in movie theaters on Friday, February 14th, 2020. are you excited for the film? Did you see it yet? Let us know in the comments below what you thought!

Source: Rotten Tomatoes


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