Riot employees are reportedly planning a walkout

Riot Games employees are reportedly considering a walkout as many are frustrated with the company’s actions after its promises to change in the wake of last year’s reports of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. Those considerations have taken on renewed heat after Riot’s motion to block some employees from taking legal action against the company.

“Talk of a walkout has been brewing among a number of folks with varying levels of investment since Kotaku’s first article hit,” an anonymous employee at Riot tells Waypoint, “and leadership consistently promised transparency/actions to be taken and then did not deliver on that promise.”

Waypoint’s report was unable to pin down exactly how large the group discussing the walkout is, though one of the site’s sources says the group has “support from a larger number of people who are not directly involved in planning.” A separate report from Kotaku was also unable to determine how many employees would participate. One anonymous employee says “I don’t know the scale of the walkout, nor does anyone else I’ve spoken with, which is the primary reason I am not participating.”

Riot’s chief diversity officer, Angela Roseboro, says “We’re also aware there may be an upcoming walkout and recognize some Rioters are not feeling heard” in a message shared across a company Slack channel. Roseboro says “We want to open up a dialogue on Monday and invite Rioters to join us for small group sessions where we can talk through your concerns, and provide as much context as we can about where we’ve landed and why.”

One employee tells Waypoint that “When Angela Roseboro offered to schedule focus sessions with people there was backlash because people were frustrated at yet another example of closed-door discussions instead of transparency.”

On Friday, Kotaku reported that Riot had filed a motion to bring two employees involved in lawsuits against the company into private arbitration – a controversial but common part of employment contracts that ensures complaints that would normally be resolved through the traditional legal system are dealt with without a jury or judge.

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