Riot Games sued by two employees for sexual harassment and discrimination

Yesterday, one current and one former employee filed a class action lawsuit against Riot Games. The lawsuit accuses the League of Legends publisher of gender discrimination, denying female employees equal pay and opportunities for promotions and advancement, as well as ongoing sexual harassment and misconduct.

The lawsuit, filed in California, alleges that Riot has violated the state’s Equal Pay Act and its provisions against gender discrimination. The two plaintiffs look to claim unpaid wages and damages, as well as additional penalties.

This comes in the wake of a massive report on Riot’s sexist culture from Kotaku, and the site has also brought this week’s lawsuit to light. Current and former employees tell the site that Riot has “purged many of the people who were accused of facilitating a toxic culture,” though others accused remain at the company.

You can see the lawsuit in full at this link, but Kotaku breaks down some of the most notable allegations. One of the plaintiffs says she took on duties for a managerial position without an increase in pay or a change in title. Three men rotated through position while she was never interviewed. After the third left, she was offered those duties – still without a pay increase or title change.

The lawsuit also references many of of the sexual harassment allegations that have come up against Riot leadership in the past few months. Riot issued a formal apology and a promise to fix its sexist culture in the aftermath of all these reports, though given the scope of the allegations many are understandably reticent to have faith in the company’s early efforts at improvement.

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