Riot Names the League of Legends Champions Who Get Honored the Most

League of Legends’ honor system lets players dish out recognitions to players who they think deserve them the most, but you can only honor one person per game. Even though there are well over 100 champions in the game with all sorts of factors playing into honors like who the person picked, what role they filled, and how they conducted themselves during the game, there still have to be some champions that get honored more than others. Riot Games shared some insights into those stats recently in an Ask Riot post to name the champs who get honored the most as well as the roles that get honored a lot, and the results aren’t too surprising.

Insights analyst Riot South Korea addressed the topic in the game’s latest Ask Riot post. On the topic of which champion gets honored the most, there was a clear winner: Yuumi. The analyst said the champion got 0.8 honors per game which may not seem like a lot, but that number is apparently 20% higher than the average.

The champions not far behind Yuumi in terms of who’s the most honorable set up a trend. Behind the cat companion comes champions like Soraka, Lulu, and Nami, each of those four champions known exclusively for their roles as supports with only some occasional deviations from that position. Riot South Korea said the majority of post-game honors typically go to support champions with the exception of Ivern and Kalista who are ranked 5th and 14th, respectively.

“I found Kalista particularly interesting, since she’s an ADC that has more ‘direct’ synergies with her support (due to her Oathsworn Bond), which may explain why she’s so high up in honors,” the analyst said.

A common theme between the champions listed above is that they all perform their best when they’re close to an ally they can support or benefit from. The same could be said for any champion since they can play off each others’ abilities, but it’s especially true in this scenario since each of these champions has something in their kit that affects an ally. If you’ve got one of them sticking next to you for the whole game, you’ll probably be much more likely to honor them compared to others.

That trend continues in the top and middle lane. Galio’s the most honorable champ who’s typically found in mid, a champion who’s ult is built around jumping in to save teammates, and Shen is the most-honored top-lane champion with a similar purpose behind his ult.

For those wondering who’s honored the least, Jayce sits at the bottom. Teemo and Quinn aren’t far behind, so if you play those champs, don’t be surprised if you’re not getting honored a lot.

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