Rockstar Rolls Back Latest Red Dead Online Update After It Broke The Game

For the past few days, Red Dead Online has been almost unplayable, with numerous bugs, broken systems, server issues, flying horses, and missing NPCs. It all started with an update on August 10, one Rockstar is now rolling back in an attempt to fix the game.

Red Dead Online’s 1.21 update wasn’t a big one. It was more or less a follow-up to the larger Naturalist update released back in July. The plan was for this smaller patch to fix some lingering and new issues following that big update. Instead of fixing things, the 1.21 update basically broke the entire game in a long list of ways. Last night I tried to play and gave up after numerous crashes, a lack of animals in the world, and having my horse despawn randomly. Others have seen much weirder and wilder bugs due to update 1.21.

Many players were frustrated by the update and asked for Rockstar to roll it back to before everything was completely broken. Today Rockstar confirmed they are doing just that and this should fix most of the recent issues. Of course, some players are still angry that this update was even released and that it took Rockstar nearly four days to roll it back. Rockstar did explain that it is continuing to work on future updates for RDO that will fix the remaining issues.

Hopefully, with the new update removed, folks can get back to bounty hunting and moonshining with only minimal server issues.

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