Rumor: Nintendo Preparing Two Model Revisions For Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was a successful video game console hybrid release from the gaming giant. After their failure of making the Nintendo Wii U a long-lasting system, Nintendo went back to the drawing board and brought out a console that can be used both at home connected to a television display or used in a portable handheld mode. This idea was a hit and after selling a number of units, it looks like Nintendo may have some revisions in mind. A new rumor that is going around from The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo doesn’t have just one revision that will be launching later this year but two.

We’ve seen rumors and reports before when it comes to Nintendo bringing out an updated version of their Nintendo Switch platform but none has panned out. Coming from a reputable source like The Wall Street Journal, perhaps this rumor has a bit more weight to it. According to sources that spoke with the publication, the Nintendo Switch will bring out a system that would be enhanced and made for gamers. Likewise, the company is bringing out a cheaper version which would be replacing the Nintendo 3DS handheld.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any details in regards to what we can expect from these revisions. If this enhanced version is made for gamers, will this replace the current version and what exactly will make the cheaper version, cheaper? These questions will be answered soon if the source to The Wall Street Journal turns out to be true as right now the supposed announcement will be taking place during the week of E3.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]


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