Runner3 Release Date on PS4 Announced for November 13; New Launch Trailer Debuts


Dant Rambo Producer at Choice Provisions took to the PlayStation Blog to announce that their latest and greatest title, Runner 3 is set to release on the PS4 next week, November 14.

For the uninitiated, the Bit.Trip Runner games are rhythm-music auto-runners with a heavy emphasis on the “rhythm-music” element. Players will have control of their characters actions and each move is associated with a beat, the beats will match your action thus creating an awesome correlation of awesomeness between the sound and gameplay.

Runner3 has proven to be a very special game for our studio, thanks in large part to our very vocal (and very helpful!) fanbase. They’ve been generous enough to share their thoughts with us from day one of development, and their input has proven invaluable. We feel confident the finished product lives up to and honors their expectations for the game.

Check out the new announcement trailer down below:

[embedded content]

  • All character moves are available from the start of the game – You can double-jump to your heart’s content!
  • Made the jump and avoid enemies/obstacles more forgiving – We love tinkering with hitboxes over here. We’re cuckoo bananas for it.
  • Added more on-screen communication regarding the Impossible Levels, the Retro Levels, and the overall difficulty of the game – Don’t say we didn’t warn you when you fire up one of the game’s nine “Impossible Levels.”
  • Added a “break” sound effect to kickwalls in addition to their musical tone – We received more requests for this than just about anything else. We were happy to oblige.

Runner3 has been out on PC and Nintendo Switch for a little while now. I actually had the chance to play and give my first impressions on the game prior to its release. For the most part the latest entry in the Runner franchise is a major success, however, it comes with some setbacks that I am not sure why were there. Read my full impressions on Runner3 right here!

Runner3 is set to release on the PS4 on November 14. Are you excited to finally get your hands on the endless runner? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog


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