Sci-Fi Shooter Gene Rain Coming to PS4 Tomorrow; An Endless Conflict Between Man and Technology

Deeli Network’s promising sci-fi shooter, Gene Rainis coming to PS4 tomorrow.

For those unfamiliar with Gene Rain, it’s a sci-fi shooter taking place towards the end of the 21st century, focusing mainly on the conflict between man and technology. Dr. Bill Feynman wants to spread a genetic agent through wind towers, making everyone’s IQ equal and bringing equality to the world. However, you and members of the Death Squad need to “stop Gene Rain by destroying the wind towers around the world.”

The Death Squad hopes to stop the Gene Rain by destroying the wind towers around the world. There are both humans and robots in the Death Squad, all with the singular objective to restore world order.

You are part of the Death Squad, and control four characters. As you advance through the game, you can upgrade and transform your weapons, and use the improved weapons in new levels.

Apart from the main guns that can be freely upgraded, we also built a 3D audio system for weapons. The sound effects are self-adapting to different bullet velocities, giving bullets distinctive sounds as they fly past your ear.

Enemy behavior in the game is driven by an AI tree which allows them to respond in a variety of ways according to their judgment. Sometimes they will attack openly; sometimes they will sneak up and ambush you. With a variety of weapon classes, the whole game is tense and exciting!

Gene Rain releases tomorrow on PS4.

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